Thursday, June 25, 2009

the entrance...


'am not a good writer but i feel like writing and saying something...
just don't know what and when and how..
n this entrance specially dedicated for adeq n bella too..
who have been struggling persuade me to join blogging...(*_*)
i think almost a year(since the 1st month arrived in jordan)
but what made me move my 'manual' and 'padel' is..
when i thought that life is meaningful with gift..?
u know
and the best of the best is..
when we be the giver..anything..anything that useful n benefit to others..
and for a long time,i've been thinking that..
i've given others nothing..nothing...huh!

what's goin' on kauthar??
u're 19 and almost 20..
good deeds? arabs say.."ma fi syi' walau wahad~"

okeyh laa...
hopefully by making this,make me more mature n ready for the reality of life..
and more3 than that...
Allah knows best.insyaAllah...

hey hurun ain...!!
'am joining uuu guys.huhu..^_+
(excited plk dpt masuk hurun 'ain.setelah sekian lama..hehe)