Thursday, March 28, 2013

Be grateful, ladies :)


Konklusi akhir minggu ke-3


" Allah telah mengambil nikmat dunia mereka, maka beruntunglah bagi yang tetap sabar menyucikan diri serta bersyukur dengan segala kurniaanNya. Dan merugilah bagi mereka yang terus berkeluh kesah dan tidak redha dengan pemberian Dia. Semoga syurga buat kalian dan tazkirah berhikmah buat yang masih dikurniakan kesihatan dan kehidupan di dunia yg fana ini "

" kita hidup di dunia ni umpama kita sedang bermimpi di dalam tidur. Ada yg mengalami mimpi ngeri dan ada pula yang punya taman dalam hati *peace*. Namun ramai yang leka dan hanyut dalam mimpinya, hanya apabila dibangkitkan di hari perhitungan sana baru lah manusia itu terbangun dari lenanya, terjaga dari lamunannya, mula melihat kehidupan sebenarnya. Dan ketika itu tiada apa lagi yang bermanfaat melainkan amal soleh ikhlas semasa di dunia dan rahmatNya yg maha esa "

Si kerdil,
Internal medicine,
3rd week.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

bisikan buat diri


di mana titik kelemahan kita, di situlah paling kuat diujinya. maka bergembiralah mereka yang berpegang teguh pada yang maha menciptakan dan berjayalah bagi mereka yang tetap sabar berterusan menyucikan jiwanya.

jangan pernah putus asa, kerana segala yang ada pada kita hanyalah pinjaman. tiba masanya nanti, akan dipanggil pulang kpd yang memberi pinjaman. maka gunakanlah sebaiknya sementara masih berkesempatan.

keep moving wahai jiwa hamba.

وَنَفۡسٍ۬ وَمَا سَوَّٮٰهَا (٧) فَأَلۡهَمَهَا فُجُورَهَا وَتَقۡوَٮٰهَا (٨) قَدۡ أَفۡلَحَ مَن زَكَّٮٰهَا (٩) وَقَدۡ خَابَ مَن دَسَّٮٰهَا (١٠)
" demi jiwa serta penyempurnaan( ciptaan) nya [7] maka Dia mengilhamkan kepadanya( jalan) kejahatan dan ketaqwaan [8] sungguh beruntung orang yang menyucikannya ( jiwa itu) [9] dan sungguh rugi orang yang mengotorinya [10] "

p/s :
somehow life is like a wheel( and a bicycle too), that keep going on to turn around alternating every of its border up and down every now and then. it's a cycle that we know not its actual ending coz everything around is absolutely not ours; or simply say we have no exact control on ourself. we even have no total power on so many things, including our soul! How small we are on this earth, aren't we? Every single thing that we have is a gift; every day is a gift, every night is a gift, every awesome family member and friend is a gift, ourself is a gift, a good health is a gift, we could breath is a gift and many more they are all gifts from the almighty one god! :) that's why turn to Him in every aspect would certainly bring tranquility to our soul, coz at the first place we ourselves were created by Him and thus He knows us very best! Better than we know ourselves, that's for sure ;). so stay calm and go ahead kauthar, have a plan and work on it, let's settle every task one after another. and when the time comes; the return to Him, you'll be meeting Him in no time coz He promises us that 'every soul shall taste death'. that's His promise. so for now on, just keep moving. :-)

Monday, March 25, 2013

So true


I've just stumbled upon this post on FB and find it very compact and strike to the heart. I hope you'll find it beneficial too insha Allah. A great thing to ponder :')


A man goes to a sheikh and says,
“Oh sheikh, I’ve been married for year and I have kids but in the past few years I’ve noticed I’m not attracted to my wife any longer."

The sheikh starts to ask him,
"why? Has she gained any weight?"
Man: No, she looks the same.

Sheikh: Did she get into an accident, did something deform her image?
Man: No, she looks the same.

So the sheikh asks “Do you have a hard time lowering your gaze when women walk past you? Do you have issues with pornography?"

Man: Yeah, how did you know about that?

Sheikh: “When you indulge in Haraam, when you fall in love with the Haraam, when you eat, sleep, and breathe in the Haraam, then the Halal becomes disgusting to you.”

“When you indulge in Haraam, when you fall in love with the Haraam, when you eat, sleep, and breathe in the Haraam, then the Halal becomes disgusting to you.”

Your sister.

p/s : 
according to islamic law that we all believe in and hold on strongly( with His will), 'haraam' means anything or any action that is forbidden by our faith while 'halal' means the other way around, in which it refers to all legal and permissible actions. :)

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    Friday, March 22, 2013

    Mashaallah she is a very good lady. May this beneficial to all of us :)

    MY HEART'S DIARY: a note of love to all my single girlfriends: Assalamualaikum.. i found this on fb. Just wanna share it to all of you. Hope you'll like it just like i do. Last night my husband ...

    Monday, March 18, 2013

    This Worldly Life - Maher Zain 2013 (new)



    This worldly life has an end.. And it's then real life begins.. A world where we will live forever.. This beautiful worldly life has an end.. It's just a bridge that must be crossed.. To a life that will go on forever..

    matikan kami sebagai syuhada di jalanMu ya Allah....



    I've started to miss the smell of smoke( I think it's not really a smoke, probably the steam gave off from the cooking fish) filling in the air creating a very fascinating atmosphere around hehe.  tho I know whatever I made, mrs sister who is still in her confinement period would prefer to have just a grilled fish with turmeric powder and lil salt. that's all! she is so simple and easy to be taken care of, isn't her? <3 p="">

    if you've got to know her, you'll agree with me that she is the simplest among us, the 5 ladies in the house( for the time being, lol. coz mr brothers have to finish their study first and must get a proper job before getting married in order for me to get another sisters-in-law hehe. insha Allah He knows best and of course His plan is superb).

    fish with orange, carrot, cheddar cheese and small amout of butter. instead of smash the carrot with fish, I put them into separated slices and let the cheese to melt and cover up the fish. yummy when it's still hot ;)

    fish with blended garlic, ginger and coarsely ground black pepper

    ready to be served :D

    3) yesterday, my cooking partner and I tried a new recipe( so overconfident ;D). seriously it was super easy, energy and time-saving recipe. I considered it's a failure coz we might put too much turmeric powder but since the rest of the girls in the house convinced us that the dish was very delicious and they wanted even more, apakahhh?!( n some even asked for the recipe hewhew). so I think I should change the 'failure' to 'a good trial' hehe. it's better to be this way and seems more positive right? :D

    do you know what it was? it was just a fillet with turmeric powder and salt( my sis fav dish, remember?) ;). in order to make it more western lollll, we spread a cream cheese on its top and left it in the oven until cook for about 30-40min, 200 degree. don't forget to remove the juice comes out from the cooking fish after about 20min of baking, so that it wouldn't make you nausea :p. ready to serve after maghrib prayer. :-)

    *sorry no pix available for this coz we were in rush and simply used anything present in the fridge. instead of using mozarella cheese( sort of cheese), we used just a cream cheese coz it's the only cheese-based ingredient found at that time. remember, wasting is not good and hence we supposed to encourage ourselves to use up whatever present in the kitchen!! isn't it easier? ;p

    education is not a preparation for life but it is life itself. -quoted-

    Sunday, March 10, 2013



    As for reference afterwards, I would simply add up useful links in this entry gradually. I hope it will be easy for you and me to find those special( and easy for sure) recipes fruitfully wherever we are insha Allah ;-). so let's enjoy cooking! :-)

    annabel karmel

    dessert recipe collection ++

    grilling by martha stewart

    ahh seri muka ( to-do-list after final exams biiznillahhh)

    fish with carrot and orange, so simple yet very delicious!

    since there are a lot of oranges in the kitchen, why not we give it a try coz wasting is not good T_T

    Thursday, March 7, 2013

    I think I have fallen in love with it


    today let me show you a very useful, compact and portable grill in the world( throughout my journey of life so far). I have just realized that it is so interesting and easy to use. furthermore, it is very fast to cook and to clean! these are the most important. I swear you guys( so confident isn't it? that is kauthar hehe) ;-). I saw mom used it quite sometimes during my last 3-month-holiday on June last year, which was the longest holiday I have ever had so far( praying that I will have another long-break during my duty as a doctor next few years insha Allah ameen ya rabb. a holiday and food lover she is, no more doubt. let's be futuristic everyone!) ;-). anyway, recently I have just noticed its beneficial uses which is a bit late from others but no worries people, better late than never. to be more specific, it started on Monday, March 4th 2013. why? 

    because it was the day I started to be a half housemaid and housewife in the houseee *krik krik*. at least while I am still here in Malaysia for a week and more. everyone in the house is on duty, no school break or chinese new year or even taipusam break whatever. yes I made the decision to spend my hols here and this' what I am facing with, and I enjoy it! *insert big grin here* ;). to serve our family to the best is one of the great things ones must do and experience, especially for those who are studying or working abroad( including yuh kusa!!). certainly we( those who live far from their loved ones) seldom seeing each other, hanging out together, pleasing one another etc, and that's why it is a good idea to use our time wisely. some might say I am exactly like an unemployed maid but for me it is kinda practice babeh! a proper practice makes perfect, am I right?? "yes you are" ^____^. 

    I take care of the house, tidy up the living room and kitchen, hanging all clothes from the washing machine, sweeping the floor; this is only be done when I do not feel lazy or it is too dusty everywhere around haha. yes sometimes we might feel so tired and as we put things into priority, we prone to put it on the least rank. preparing meals for the whole family is what I wanted to speak out here( scroll up to the first line), haisshhh I am so easily disrupted person. poor me T.T on the first day of task, mom prepared the ingredients and stuff for me( just on the first day okeh? afterwards mom or my eldest sis would only prepare fish that I should cook coz I couldn't recognize what type of fish it is!!! hahaha booo kauthar booo! I really need to work harder for this hadoii B-)). I think mom did not really believe in me since she had just few times tasted my own meals before. and if i am not mistaken they were all arab foods! no wonder!!! haha. she did not have the gut to allow me to cook malay meals for them lol. in fact, we have a newly mommy and newborn in the house, and for sure they would need a strict, proper and nutritious meals everyday. the baby is done( coz she is just breastfeeding! hehe easy to aunty but tiring for the mommy coz she needs to wake up in the middle of the night just to breasfeed or change her diaper, hehe. good luck sistah!!), so now left the mother to be handled!! ;-)

    # ok let me show you the pix of the portable grill that you can use to broil anything that you want. spell it out; chicken, fish, vege, meat etc etc as long as you wanna grill it up. it is healthy by the way, because it cut down the use of oil( coz it is a grill remember?) ;-). of course I will not show you our own grill, because the carbon and smoke from the cooking fire has blackened it up. so I googled for a better pix hehe and found few but not that fascinating as if you see it by yourself. later I will tell you what I have done with it insha Allah, since now is the baby bath time!! go go aunty stop being lazy with the internettt. bye* (",)!

    I think this' the best pix I could find -.-'

    Wednesday, March 6, 2013