Sunday, December 30, 2012

heart melting...

this is sooo cuteee  ^^

Friday, December 28, 2012

never stop


laknat Allah ke atas kuffar, zionis, basyar dan keseluruhan pengikutnya... allah allah allah... istajibillahumma du'aana...ameen2 ya rab. jangan lupakan keluarga kita...teman2 kita...saudara mara kita di palestin, syiria, mesir, malaysia dan seluruh dunia ini. jangan pernah lupa, jangan putus asa.. 

 لا يؤمن احدكم حتى يحب لأخه ما يحب لنفسه...
(رواه البخاري ومسلم)

"tidak sempurna iman seseorang kamu sehinggalah ia mencintai saudaranya sebagaimana ia mencintai dirinya sendiri" 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

hudu' (ketenangan) :)


[29 : 41-45]

kehadiran hati yang utaman :)

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Monday, December 24, 2012



solat kamu menyelamatkan kamu :)
 found this on the cover of every surgery lecture note(big smileeeee ^^). To be honest, I love some of their habits here in this blessing land, very much. firstly, the habit to pray for their brothers n sisters, face-to-face when meet up anywhere & eeevrywhere they can!(mendoakan antara satu sama lain bila bertemu ataupun berbual) and the second one is to advice each other(tanassuh/nasihat-menasihati). truly say, they are so sweeeettt.. kan2? I don't really know how it is going on the syabab(pemuda) side but I believe they do behave the same as the lady does! hehe ;) it looks simple(refer to the picca-the writing and style), veeery simple yet sooo heart-touching. huhuuu.. ILY my brothers n sisters in islam. this is so interesting when we can apply the variety of methods in delivering a message. the message of our beautiful and wonderful deen islam 


this one I found in one of the slides prepared by our seniors. also made me almost-to-cry because when you were sooo nervous(read: cuak kentang sangat2) to sit for an exam, this kind of beautiful words/phrase/hadith really helped us a lottt....soothing us the most.(hey! it was our 1st oral exam/osce okayyyy. no wonder feel like having heart attack at anytime! hehe :D). Alhamdulillah.. ya Allah, Kau jadikanlah kami ini sebagai hamba2Mu yg bersyukur serta sentiasa bertambah kesyukurannya.. :-) 

in Mecca Mall, Amman.
check this out babeh. so cool... sorry I can't show you the close up picture of the clothes( jumper, long-sleeve shirts, jubah etc etc) from inside the shop bcoz you will find the half-gedik model in it. sooo annoying. but I tell you guys, this shop( the company as well), they do really have a very stylo n macho styles on how to approach people, to spread the message of ad-deen al-haq. thumbs up! :) 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

jum3ah mubarakah

saya suka post sebab saya harap saya posts ini dapat mengingatkan saya kembali tatkala diri terasa hambar dan lesu. dapat menjadi tazkirah buat diri sendiri dan regain the spirit. allah yustur 'alaina :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

one of the many +ve sides you can have

Bismillah sollu 3lan nabiy.
living in overseas or outside from our own homeland will always give us the pros and cons. anywhere & anytime it is. just list them out! what do you want? in the UK, the US, Turkey, Indonesia, Egypt, Australia, Jordan(n the list goes down)? eeeverywhere! I tell yah, you'll find allllll the positive and negative sides. I bet you guys 100%. ;) and here the iman(faith in Allah) and knowledges(al-'ilm) play role the most. either you want to continue to look down on others and non-stop counting all their mistakes and flaws, then start to feel stress and depress up until you are being admitted to the ICU due to your decline health condition(here we spell it 'exaggeration' hoho!) or vice are the one who make the decision. I repeat, you are the one( why? bcoz u are matured enough isn't it? say it out. if u wanna travel outside, u choose ur destination n make the full preparation. if u wannna study, do u arrange ur schedule or anyone else? if u wanna have a dinner, u cook by yrself right? if not everyday, at least once a week sa7? -this one is very applicable to those who live in a big number of housemembers. so since we are still student, I suggest u to make one hehe. ah one more not to forget! if u wanna get married, 90% of the decision also come from u right!!!? unless u're a mommy's boy LOL) ;) ok let us back to our business( sometimes I really can be so incessant chatterbox!zuss). so who is the one to make decision? yes you are :). actually my genuine intention to write this entry is just to tell you guys that I feel so blessed to study here in arab land. sorry for the very long unplanned intro ;D. anyway, I cannot deny that sometimes I am sooo rebellious due to ups n downs of a normal human beinggg like meee. of all the many reasons, one of them is bcoz I can learn and practice one of the honored and precious syiar in islam which is the arabic language(may Allah grant me the ability to master the language inshaAllah) everyday. there are numerous walking dictionaries around here!!(refer to my colleagues huhu ^^). sooo interesting right? don't be shock ok, did I tell u before..? most of them are very generous, kind-hearted, funny and cheerful. alhamdulillah... I tell you, they are the ones who always willing to help you in many circumstances. honestly say. they are so nice right? veeery supportive members of the floor harhar ;). say what?? "alhamdulillah...." even though I know my arabic is still farrrr need to be improved(let's imagine it's like a turtle crawling on the slow! haha!), don't care, I won't give up inshaAllah. ok kauthar go back to study!!!


Sunday, December 9, 2012

allahumma ameen...

اللهم ارزقنا الشهادة في سبيلك

Saturday, December 8, 2012



the perfection :)

Mari sama2 ambil pengajaran dan aplikasikan dalam diri  :) 

Imam Malik telah menukilkan di dalam Al-Muwaththa', iaitu telah sampai ke pengetahuannya bahawa telah dikatakan orang kepada Luqman: 

" Apakah yang menyebabkan engkau sampai kepada kedudukan yang kami lihat ini?"(yang dimaksudkan ialah kelebihan Luqman). 

Maka berkatalah Luqman: "Perkataan yang benar, menunaikan amanah dan meninggalkan barang apa yang tiada bermanfaat." 

Telah diriwayatkan daripada Al-Hasan Al-Basri bahawa beliau telah berkata: 
"Dari 'alamat(tanda2) bahawa Allah berpaling dari seorang hamba ialah dengan menjadikan beliau sibuk dengan perkara yang tidak bermanfaat terhadap dirinya

nastaghfirullah...semoga kita dijauhkan dan terpelihara daripada segala celaan ini. na3uzubillah min zalik..... 

nak berubah! sangat nak berubah kepada yg lebih baik. biarlah manusia putus harapan terhadap kita sekalipun, Allah saja yg Maha Mengetahui dan Berkuasa Membenarkan ia. ameeeen ya Rab! :) 


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

u know what does it mean right?? so move it! gud luck! ;)

may Allah ease and bless us all....inshaAllah ameen..... plz pray for our success.. u. yes u and whoever read this scrabble post. salam. :)