Saturday, April 21, 2012

One God (Voice Only) - Zain Bhikha ft Khalil Ismail (Official video)


takda mood nak study medic malam ni, boleh tak? so let's digest the T materials tehehe :D. anyway, they are too much to be covered ok?! sounds so secular ain't it? uhu nope. it's up to you on how you see an event or how you manipulate a situation. but for me it's called focusing. the way you manage, fulfill and use your time wisely. I hope sooo.. ;)

*mood dengar lagu zain bikha. :)

Saff-One - Allahu Ghayatuna


Allah ghayatuna

Ar-rasul qudwatuna
Al-qur'an dusturuna
Al-jihad sabiluna

al-mautu fi sabilillah...
asma' amanina...

*sejauh mana kita benar2 merasakannya dalam hati, berusaha aplikasi? takpe..muhasabah dan belajar dr semalam..hari ini kita perbaiki diri, bekerja dan beramal utk hari2 esok. inshaAllah.. yang penting jgn pernah give up! jzkk :)

*ok this one actually has cut the queue of entry list that I've promised to write before.('no middle choice' & 'I am proud to be a muslim'). so sorry for that. inshaAllah I will try(not promise to be so soon lah!) to find the mood and leisure to beam up the spirit as well as the understanding He has granted me(others as well).. ameen..

**mood post-meeting bersama kader2 binaan islam. yes Dia lah murobbi one can replace Him. no one. so, reminding myself to always be grateful and thankful for all ups and downs, hardships, happiness, success as well as failure that we have been facing with.. coz we know everything happens must be a lesson behind. *cheers (",)v