Sunday, September 27, 2009

eid Bil Malizi...(^_^)

Assalamualaikum to everyone..
how're u guys?how's ur holiday...just 4days left before going back to jordan..

hopefully this becoming sem,this 2nd year willl be much3 better and worth after all..


today i feel like writing about my eid mubarak with's different from any of mubarak b4 ...why?

1st bcoz i just hv a month to be spent with fmily started from 20th of ramadhan

2nd bcoz this eid, all 9 of us are present except during the 1st day of raya(b teh was on his way from sarawak to penang+flight delay+bla3)

3rd bcoz we've spent 3days n 2 night in tioman island(only 3 mmbers of malay family were there in our resort,n others were we've got semacam feelin' y masyuk la.he2)

4th n the last,only when 4days left for me before off to jordan i could lepak2 n have rest in my house in selayang~

2 days b4 raya,we 8 of us went back to our kg in kepala batas,pulau pinang

1 day b4 raya we were 'merewang' n gotong-royong making 3 kinds of rendang..for about 200 ppl..but almost were eaten n lahap by us,grandchildrens of rahmah n rahman.hua2 :p

the best n our most admired biskut raya known as 'winter sonata',made by our aunty asmah..were sorok n hidden baik punya by cucu2 dara.ha2..kah2...ksian boys kurang merasa..xpa la..

then,i dunno why,myb it's my habit,the thing i luv the most to do in the kitchen is...washing the dishes..even if u're standing at the sinki for one hour,nvermind.for me it's better than sweeping the floor with kanak2 n guest all around walking n talking with food in their hand and pasir btween their jari kaki.non-stop sapu kot klu cmtu...hoho~
4th till 6th raya were spent in tioman(special post)

n 7th raya a whole day spent in NOGORI..ponek eden.arrived at home around 3.30am....adeih..
bnyak sgt keje ttangguh(sorry guys bnyak mnde x tersiapkan)

last but not least,actually now i'm in dilemma..feel sooo guilty to one guy...keje die belum disiapkan lg..sooo sorryyy...~

4 days left i hpe will be spent wisely insyaAllah...
2nd year of medicine will be the precious n worth n better year for me n friends,amin..
study the best Allah settle the rest.segalanya letaklah Allah di tmpat trtinggi..
insyaAllah everything gonna b fine..if not,bak kata farahia : 'bila berjaya over gembira,bila gagal kecewa~
masih belum terlambat kot "eid mubarak'as salamah wa ilal liqa' "